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How Living With Art Improves Your Brain and Emotional Health

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WIP: Once There Were Black Rhinos

The plight of the Rhino is one of the most aggressive examples of humanity's propensity for … [Read More...]

WIP: Pirate Jenny

I started "Pirate Jenny" at a recent public event and the painting sold right off the easel, so … [Read More...]

Painting Small – Original Artwork Under $1000

A collector of my original oil paintings asked me if I had works in a certain price range. I created … [Read More...]

WIP: Abyssinian (Limited Edition Original Artwork)

"Abyssinian" is one of several works in a new collection of small limited edition paintings called … [Read More...]

WIP: Bantam (Limited Edition Original Artwork)

“Bantam” is one of the works I’ve begun creating as part of my Limited Edition Original Artworks … [Read More...]

Work In Progress: Oil Painting “Jupiter in His Wings”

I'm fascinated by the mystery and promise of Space and the incredible array of textures to be found … [Read More...]

Work in Progress: Large Oil Painting “Horse Over Crow”

“Horse Over Crow is a large oil painting (36″ x 50″) rendered in rust and amber hues. In this work, … [Read More...]