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WIP: Pirate Jenny

"Pirate Jenny" by S. C. Versillee

I started “Pirate Jenny” at a recent public event and the painting sold right off the easel, so while this is a “Work In Progress” post, Jenny is already spoken for. This recently completed oil painting is inspired by the song “Pirate Jenny” from Kurt Weill & Bertolt Brecht’s The…

WIP: Once There Were Black Rhinos

Once Upon A Time: There Were Black Rhinos

The plight of the Rhino is one of the most aggressive examples of humanity’s propensity for destruction through consumption. As with many wild species, Rhinos once roamed their native habitat in the millions, only to have their numbers decimated by human contact. Through colonial era wholesale hunting, loss of habitat,…

5 Benefits of Collecting Small Artworks

Bantam - Limited Edition Artwork by S. C. Versillee

Small works of art offer a lot of hidden versatility for art lovers. If you’re looking to add a new work of art to your home or office, buying small is an easy win, but sometimes art buyers overlook the inherent benefits of smaller works. Maybe you’ve perceived a small…


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"Pirate Jenny" by S. C. Versillee

I started "Pirate Jenny" at a recent public event and the painting sold right off the easel, so while this is a "Work In … [Read More...]

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WIP "Bantam" by S. C. Versillee

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