Once, There Were Black Rhinos


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A portion of proceeds from this original oil painting will be donated to the International Rhino Foundation to help support the foundation’s Rhino conservation efforts.

'Once, There Were Black Rhinos' is a large, 34” x 44” original oil painting mounted on archival board. This artwork requires a frame in order to be hung.

Rhinos live under intense pressure from human poaching due to the erroneous belief that their horns provide a therapeutic benefit. Though this has been disproved, the market for endangered animal parts continues to be bolstered by criminal syndicates and terrorism groups. There are NGO’s that work tirelessly to end the trade in endangered animal products, but their success is fragile and in constant need of support.

This oil painting depicts a Black Rhino in dramatic lighting that either shows the endangered animal fading into darkness, or emerging from the brink of disappearance. The cattle egrets on her back are either a symbol of hope, or the foreboding of this great land mammal’s disappearance from Earth.

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34″ x 44″ original oil painting on canvas mounted on board.
Ships accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Dimensions 36 x 3 x 3 in