​Buying ​Artwork is Easy and Affordable with The Patron Program.

Earn a 5%-15% matching ​perk while investing toward your next artwork. Click the button below to get started or read on to learn more!

Discover a unique collection of beautifully rendered original artworks at a size and price point that fit your home decor budget.

A Simple, Smart Way to Buy Your Next Piece

​With the Patron Program buying ​an S. C. Versillee original artwork is simple and affordable. By breaking payments up over your choice of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, any original artwork  you’d like to purchase from www.scversillee.com can fit into your budget. The Patron Program comes with a unique matching perk in the form of a 5% - 15% credit that’s applied to your total accumulated payments once your art purchasing plan matures. An example of how this perk is applied is demonstrated below:

​Example: 6 Month Patron Program Plan

$250 paid per month    

​Total invested at 6 months:  $1500

+ 10% match = $1650 total available to spend on your next artwork!

Your Patron Token

As an art buyer in the Patron Program you will receive a beautifully cut birch wood token inscribed with your unique buyer’s code. The token shows the maturation date when you can begin using your Patron Program balance. To use your buyer's code, add the artwork you wish to purchase into your shopping cart on www.scversillee.com, then input your code at checkout.

Earn 5% - 15% toward your next artwork purchase when you join the Patron Program.

Pick Your Patron Plan

3 ​Month




  • ​5% Matching Perk
  • ​​Total Available After 3 Months: $787.50




  • ​15% Matching Perk
  • ​​Total Available After ​12 Months: $3450.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What artwork can I buy through the Patron Program?
Any original artwork for sale on the website including Limited Edition Original artwork and Commissioned artwork. Giclée prints are not eligible for the program.
Once my plan matures, how long do I have to use it?
From the date your Patron Plan matures, you have up to five years to use the value toward the purchase of an artwork.
Do I have to use the value of my Patron Plan all at once?
If the artwork you are purchasing is less than the total balance in your patron plan, you will be able to use the remaining balance toward the purchase of another artwork.
Can I cash out my Patron Plan early?
After 2 payments anyone can cash out their plan, however your matching perk will reflect the time span in which you cashed out. For example, if you had a 12 month plan but cashed out at 4 months, your matching perk will be 10% or the same as if you had a 6 month plan.
What if I need to cancel my plan?
Any Patron Plan can be canceled within 30 days of purchase and the first payment will be fully refunded. Any refund made past 30 days is subject to a 15% administration fee. Once a plan has matured, no refund is available unless the refund is for a work that was purchased using the Patron Plan balance. You have the option of receiving the full balance back into your Patron Plan or a refund minus a 15% admin fee.